Sundaze/Devin’s Song – Rexx Life Raj

Representing Berkley, California, Rexx Life Raj is a versatile artist who is a rapper, producer and vocalist. With the Bay Area’s rich musical history and collective progress of talented artists, Rexx Life Raj has really started to cement his place as an influential and creative individual. His music paints a picture which is addressed in smooth tones on songs that feel like falling into a pile of pillows.  Raj’s ability to communicate clearly in an empathetic, and emotional tone is really the foundation upon how his songs are beautifully crafted. The inspiration and encouragement for his aspirations as an artist is heavily influenced by his mother, while his father taught him the beauty and challenges of being black as well as the value of hard work.

“Sundaze/Devin’s Song” is a two-for-one record that masterfully merges two stories. “Sundaze” encompasses a vibrant day party in San Francisco, representing where Raj comes from in an upbeat tone while “Devin’s Song” is paying homage to one of Raj’s best friends. Devin is an integral part of Raj’s music and every move he makes is with his friend in mind. “Sundaze/Devin’s Song” is a song that really highlights Raj’s unique flow lyrically – complimented with the chill, mellow vibe that’s perfect for a late-night cruise down the highway. Watch out for this up and coming artist who has the right mix of classic hip-hop vibes with the modern hype in trendy songs today.

Creative but conscious. Free but moral.

– Rexx Life Raj