Crush – Yuna

Yuna is a well-acclaimed Malaysian pop star, who began writing songs at age 14. Music was a creative outlet while attending school, and Yuna really felt the connection and power of music through her first live performance. Her recorded debut in Malaysia in 2008 saw her off with four Grammy-equivalent trophies including ‘Best New Artist’, and ‘Best Song’. Yuna wanted to continue her growth, and aspired to be a widely-acclaimed musician globally.

Although Yuna had begun to inspire a lot of underground scenes and music in Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, ultimately she wanted to venture into the U.S. With help from well-known producers such as Pharrell, Yuna has gradually transitioned from pop-rock to a smooth, indie, neo-soul sound with hints of Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. Her beautiful voice, accompanied by her soul and emotion really compliments the songs she produces, and is continuing to reach new heights – as seen on her single titled ‘Crush’.

‘Crush’ is a sultry duet between Yuna and Usher, featuring soothing, angelic vocals over a mellow instrumental beat. The conversational lyrics that are being exchanged are simple, yet convey the emotional vibe that resonates with the feeling you get when you first set eyes on someone you have become attached to. The intimacy and excitement of having a ‘crush’, and how difficult it can be to open up about personal feelings can be felt through the song.


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