Yours – SG Lewis

Although I am an avid fan of all music genres, I have become particularly amazed at the quality and distinct flavor of music that SG Lewis continues to produce masterfully. At a time where electronic music is in the midst of some drastic changes and what most audiences once understood electronic music to be, SG Lewis is a modern day Michelangelo in this new electronic Renaissance – combining R&B and deep house beats beautifully.

Lewis often collaborates with local independent singer-songwriters, which really amplifies his passion for producing and sharing music through artists that may not be well-known in the industry. His productions are often mellow, minimalist and features intricate live instruments within a canvas full of soulful vocals. His production of ‘Yours’ really paints his passion and precision in creating an intricate blend of a down-tempo electro-soul track.

‘Yours’ was made on a rainy day in South London with Raye on the vocals and Mr Bruno Major. The song starts off with a light rain drop offset with the introduction of Raye’s vocals which are pitched down to accentuate the mellow mood of the production. The song highlights the magnitude of emotions that are inevitable in a relationship, and that sometimes there is no point in fighting for one’s own agenda. Sometimes it’s easier, and healthier for the relationship if one gives in, and thinks about the little things that bring joy to one’s life. Perhaps the one you are with right now may not be the one, and the artist seems to understand that life moves on, and that one can find a place to ‘snuggle up’.

The heartfelt topic of the words in the song within the mellow nature of the instrumental really flows well together, and I know I will continue to be on the lookout for productions by SG Lewis.