Ay Ay – Jinbutu

Now this rapper is way too famous to be featured on this page, but I had to give some love (completely joking about the being famous part, but did want to sort of highlight a recent performance of mine). Jinbutu a.k.a. Jinsu is the stage name for yours truly, and I’ve had the recent pleasure of performing in collaboration with Emotions Open Mic at BCITMA’s annual Fashion Show event at MIA Nightclub.

The underground, hip-hop theme of the fashion show set the stage for some pretty exciting performances throughout the night, and I was lucky to have been a part of the unreal atmosphere and hype.

Not having performed live for almost 5 years now, it was definitely nerve-racking, but once on stage the music simply flowed through the mic.

The song ‘Ay Ay’ is an introductory song to myself as a rapper, paying homage to my roots being born in Vancouver, as well as having roots in South Korea. The lyrics encompass my confidence as a lyricist, and the exciting lifestyle of being a rapper. Most importantly, I wanted to perform a song that everyone could really vibe with and join in – as the interaction with the audience is such an integral role in the atmosphere of a performance.

Shout outs to Emotions Open Mic, MIA, BCITMA, and #1 Supporter whom I shall regard to as Meow Meow.