4r Da Squaw – Isaiah Rashad

Tennessee-native Isaiah Rashad was just another former Hardee’s employee with rap dreams. Rashad enjoyed sports, music, and had strong work ethic in terms of his education. With being accepted into Tennessee State University’s credible Communications major, Rashad had thought his future would slowly fall into place. With the sudden passing of his great grandmother, things had suddenly taken a drastic turn for the worse. In his emotional state, Rashad had picked up some Krystal (Crystal Meth) with his girlfriend, and was quickly in pursuit by police. Although he was only given a citation, community service and was put in jail for one day, this was a detriment to his education. Although he finished his major, the profiling was significant and Rashad could not seem to land a job – at a time when his first son was on his way.

However, Rashad did not stop pursuing his passion for music and ventured to Los Angeles, where he was fortunate to meet Dave Free, the President of Top Dawg Entertainment. In the past couple of years, Rashad has slowly become an up-and-coming artist while being both a father and having been signed to the TDE record label.

Squaw is best interpreted as a southern way of pronouncing “squad”. Squad can be thought of in the same category as a ‘crew’, ‘team’, or ‘clique’. In the song ‘4r Da Squaw’ (For the Squad), Isaiah Rashad had his friends from Tennessee in mind when writing the song. He offers gratitude towards the music industry, and the blessings he’s received while being able to realize and pursue his talents. Although his money management may not be the best, he expresses how he can help pay his mom’s bills, and support his son. The video further portrays the happiness and fun that could be had with his son, even though he may not have any money. Isaiah is content, and feels thankful that his bills can be payed, while enjoying the free luxuries in life such as fishing and dancing on the Santa Monica Pier.